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The Open Source Henna & Natural Cosmetics Encyclopedia

The Hennapedia Initiative began with a passion for utilizing henna for all-natural hair-care and body-art, as well as, realizing the existence of the need for a one-stop location for open-source information that delves into the use of the lawsonia inermis plant (natural henna) and other all-natural ingredients for body-art, cosmetics, and all things natural-lifestyle.

My name is Khadijah Yassin and I am the founder of Hennapedia. As a biochemical engineer and decade’s-long henna enthusiast I’ve spent just about as much time enjoying practicing natural henna art as I have sourcing information from scientific journals and industry experts concerning how henna works at a molecular level.

The internet can often be something of an echo chamber when it comes to identifying and and explaining the science behind a matter in that what is posted on a given website is often information that has been obtained from another similar website and for this reason can become like a game of broken telephone where what comes out at the end differs from what may have been said or intended initially.

When you visit Hennapedia you can be assured that the information that you are reading is accurate, verifiable. A given blog post will cite and reference all information  used to obtain the conclusion at the bottom of the page enabling you to go back and research the topic for yourself.  Scientific journal articles that are peer-reviewed by scientists who base their conclusions on the principles of science and empirical observation are given primacy. Experiments are run in STAIN ORGANIC’s Laboratory Facilities when needed, and when differences of opinion arise–as is normal in scientific endeavors–an attempt is made to consider both sides are equally and without bias.

The Hennapedia initiative seeks to create an ever-growing knowledge base that serves those interested in natural henna, natural personal care and cosmetics and learning more about an all-natural lifestyle.

I am on this journey of learning with you so let’s do this together! If you contribute a small donation, I will contribute my time, my knowledge, and my passion to make Hennapedia the ever-expanding one-stop source for your natural henna, natural beauty  and natural lifestyle knowledge needs.

Sponsor me on Patreon. Give a little to be a part of something BIG: a better quality of life for you and everyone who reads these posts, improve your skill and quality of your work as a henna artist, increase in your natural cosmetics knowledge and be able to consult for others.

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I look forward to learning forward with you.
Khadijah Yassin EIT | Biochemical Engineering | University of Waterloo
Certified Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioner | York University |
Owner & Product Research & Development Engineer
@ STAIN ORGANIC Henna & Beauty | |




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