Henna 101: A Primer on the use of all-Natural Henna

Welcome to Henna 101: An Introductory Primer to the use of Natural Henna. Here we will delve into its history, its many uses, and in addition, take an in-depth look into the science behind this amazing natural green powder.

Hennapedia promotes the use of natural henna. While some products are labeled as “henna” or claim to be henna pastes, Hennapedia does not endorse the use of such products due to the risks associated with the chemicals used to create them. Using organic and all-natural henna is an effective way to avoid harmful chemicals and moreover, achieve amazing body art stain results as well as hair color. Let’s learn forward together!


  1. What is henna?

  2. What is henna used for?

  3. How does it work?

  4. What can henna be used for?

  5. What factors affect the quality of my body-art henna stain ?

  6. How do I use henna for my hair?

  7. What factors affect the quality of my results when I use henna in my hair?

  8. Can I mix henna with other all-natural herbs for use in my hair?
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