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Welcome to Hennapedia: The Open Source Henna Encyclopedia

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Welcome to Hennapedia:
The Open Source Henna Encyclopedia

Hennapedia is an initiative that began with a passion for all-natural body art and herbal hair dyeing while realizing the existence of a need for readily available open source information that delves into the use of henn and other plant based dyes that is accurate, verifiable, and peer-reviewed by scientists who base their conclusions on the principles of science and empirical observation.

While there are a vast number of websites that report henna related “facts” and “henna knowledge,” few cite primary sources therefore making verifying information impossible. Moreover, many are fraught with errors, contradictions and inconsistencies.

The Hennapedia initiative seeks to create an ever-growing knowledge base that serves as an easy reference tool for anyone interested in the topic of henna and plant-based dyeing as well as other relevant related subject matter.

I look forward to learning forward with you.
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